Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First-gen Range Rover Sport Gets Aftermarket Led Taillights By Glohh [photo Gallery]

Yes, it's not based on a real Range Rover chassis, but without it no football player would ever dream of racing Porsche Boxsters in a 2-top offroader. The Mk1 RR Sport was replaced last year by a brand new model, but it's a desirable model. Giving current owners even more reasons to hold on to their existing SUVs, UK-based automotive light manufacturer Glohh has today revealed a brand new aftermarket product. These LED taillights replace the factory system very easily. The Sport was designed with circular glowing elements in the taillights, similar to the ones up front. These now look dated and thankfully Glohh has gone for a completely different look. Three red stripes make the Range Rover Sport look more modern. There's a hint of BMW 5 Series about this look, but that doesn't detract from the originality and the appeal of the product. When production of one of the most popular and iconic cars of our times ended, we wanted to give this modern-day classic a new lease of life with a unique, unmistakable contemporary design,and bring innovative and dynamic technology to its traditional taillights. By manufacturing the worlds first fully-integrated LED taillight for the Range Rover Sport, we have innovatively combined strong aesthetics with high performance and efficiency, said lead designer Dr Faheem Rafiq, who established Glohh in 2011. Because there are over 300,000 of these very expensive SUVs on the road, we couldn't let this story slide with a simple press release and official photos, which is why we searched the internet for real-life photos of the system and found owners form as far away as Russian and Dubai who installed the GL-3 Taillights on their cars. They look pretty sweet, don't you think?
For the original version visit http://www.autoevolution.com/news/first-gen-range-rover-sport-gets-aftermarket-led-taillights-by-glohh-photo-gallery-77125.html

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